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Rates – Aldea Escort
  • +49 172 742 1404


Fees and Rates

The fees models request can be found on their respective setcards. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Duo’s or any other special services will be provided upon request. Sometimes travel costs may occur additionally.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses vary based on the city of residence (base location) of the escort model.
Usually, no travel expenses incur for bookings of at least 6 hours at the base location. There are exceptions however, as some escort models offer different arrangements and may also decide to operate at various base locations. Please study the individual setcard for exact details.

When will travel expenses be charged?

Travel expenses apply in case a date takes place at a different location than the lady’s place of residence – her base location. Except in larger metropolitan areas such as Cologne/Duesseldorf, Hamburg or Frankfurt: here, traveling can be quite time consuming anyways; the same applies to airports as these are usually far outside the urban area.

You can determine the appropriate traveling expenses by checking the model’s setcard.

Please contact us for non-listed cities or in case of uncertainties. Our team will be happy to provide you with any resulting travel expenses. If models would need to travel by plane or train, only the agreed ticket prices and the usual expenses would be charged.


Of course, one of your main interests is to remain anonymous. Thus, cash payment at beginning of a date is the simplest option. Please hand over the agreed upon fees in an open envelope to your escort model and give her the possibility to check the amount to avoid misunderstandings.

If you prefer not to carry a large amount of cash with you, you could also arrange an up-front payment as follows:

  • Transfer funds to one of our business accounts
  • Transfer funds via Western Union or
  • Make a payment via PayPal.
  • Payment by credit card is also possible in special cases for frequent clients.

We provide details for any of above options upon request.

In case for bookings on short notice a deposit may be required – we can recommend Western Union.
Please notice:Aldea Escort operates a portal for all models. Nevertheless, many escort models trust us as an agency assisting them to receive their agreed fees.


What happens in case of an unforeseen event which hinder you to meet your booked escort model?

The team of Aldea Escort is aware how quickly business or private appointments can change abruptly. Aldea Escort wants your booking to remain a pleasant experience even if a cancellation is needed.

In case you booked an escort model and you have to cancel on short notice for business or private reasons, please let us know as soon as possible. Unless the lady is not already on her way there are in general no costs and a cancellation is free of charge.

Additionally, Aldea Escort has an implemented a policy with all models who post on our site that if there is no mutual sympathy within the first 10 minutes of the encounter the arrangement can be cancelled free of charge by either party.