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The present state capital and university town of Saarbrücken was founded in 1909 by the merger of the three independent towns of Saarbrücken, St. Johann a. D. Saar and Malstatt-Burbach. Saarbrücken is the center of a metropolitan area that extends beyond the Saarland-Lorraine border and the political, economic and cultural center of Saarland. Baroque master builder Friedrich Joachim Stengel is one of the most known city’s architects who has changed Saarbrücken’s face: with important monuments like Stengelwerke, Ludwigskirche, the castle of Saarbrücken, or the old town hall. Saarbrücken is also a very green city, characterized by forests, valleys,meadows and many small and large parks. The city is a center for the club and party scene in the region: Numerous clubs and concert events offer any partygoer viral alternatives.