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The British capital, the heart of the Empire and seat of the English royal house, is often depicted as rainy and always gray. Of course, such a judgement does meet reality by any means. The metropolis with millions of inhabitants on the River Thames sparkle with joy and party spirit, if you know the right corners and understand how to take its citizens. And so this city, located in the heart of the British island, is a popular destination for many partygoers to spend their annual party holidays here. Whether in a pub or a club in London, the nightlife in the British capital does not need to hide from any other metropolis in the world. The nightlife here starts in the first place just as you would imagine: in a pub. And so the evening can begin with a glass of Guinness or another beer. It is preferable to eat something before in order to avoid upsetting the stomach later. It is also important to note that alcohol in the pubs may only be served between 11:00 and 23:00.