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Kiel is not only the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein, but also the most northern German city. Due to the proximity to the famous Kiel Canal and its location at the natural harbor Kieler Förde, the sea and navigation had a special influence on the development of the city. This is evident not only in the high number of shipyards and shipping companies and the beaches in the city, but also in the hustle and bustle of the Kiel harbor, where numerous ferry services to Scandinavia and cruise ships wait for their passengers. In 1242, under the name of Holstenstadt tom Kyle Kiel was given the city rights and thus celebrated his 750th birthday in 1992. One of the most important events of the city in recent centuries is, for example, the accession to the Hanseatic League in the 13th century, the Peace of Kiel in 1814 as a result of the Napoleonic Wars and the opening of today’s North Sea Canal (Kaiser Wilhelm Channel). Since the foundation of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität 1665, the harbor town is also a student city and can provide a diverse nightlife.