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For the first time mentioned as “villa Helibrunna” in 741, Heilbronn is now known world-wide through Kleist’s play “Das Käthchen von Heilbronn”. As a city surrounded by green areas, it is embedded in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by a backdrop of forest and vineyards. Heilbronn, the city on the river with the Neckar as a life line, is in constant change. Heilbronn is regarded as the capital of winegrowing in Württemberg and is the center of the largest red wine region in Germany. You can enjoy wine in Heilbronn during a visit to the wine villa or a hike along the wine panorama route. In addition, there are a number of events in Heilbronn on the theme of wine and enjoyment, such as Heilbronner Weindorf, where the whole variety of wines from the Heilbronn region will be presented on ten days in September. The great variety of theaters in Heilbronn offer culture events at the highest level. Heilbronn is ideal for shopping. Modern pedestrian zones intersect in the center of the newly designed Kiliansplatz – a pedestrian mall becomes a piazza. Special events with flair are the traditional Heilbronn Christmas market in the Advent season. Highlights of the Heilbronner event calendar are the Neckarfest or events of any kind on the new Neckarbühne. These attract guests from all over the world – not just those from Heilbronn’s partner town Béziers in the Languedoc Roussillon, to which Heilbronn has built friendly bridges since 1965.