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Once upon a time Heidelberg was the selected residence of German royals and for centuries a focal point of German history. It is connected with names of noblemen like Wittelsbach, Stuart or Medici, and theologians like Martin Luther or politicians like Friedrich Ebert. The beauty of the location and architecture of the city is conspicuous. It is surrounded by the wooded slopes of the mountains Heiligenbergs and Königstuhls, at the exit of the Neckar from the Odenwald to the Rheinebene, and the Baroque silhouettes of houses, the elegant swing of the bridge over the river and, of course, the Ruins of the electoral palace. Among them pulsates modern life. In the angled alleyways of the old town, students, tourists and old-fashioned people meet everday. On many stages, the annual festivals for classical music, jazz, film, theater and literature are to be enjoyed. In Germany’s oldest university and since 2007 excellence university research happens at its highest level. At present about 30,000 students are enrolled, approximately one fifth of the population – this provides for a cosmopolitan, international and young atmosphere. Heidelberg is very much alive as it would be expected for a university town. The city nightlife offers a variety of entertaining venues, from quaint student bars to night, jazz and music clubs.